Oneway 20″ Banjo For 20″ Swing Lathes No. 2407


The patented ONEWAY banjo is designed to solve problems associated with traditional cam-lock tool rest bases. This sliding cam clamping mechanism ensures tight clamping and smooth operation over the range of the lathe bed. Conventional long cam shafts suffer from cam shaft deflection. This causes non-uniform clamping over the range of the toolrest base. Cam shaft deflection also causes the clamp handle to tighten in different positions.

A conventional clamping mechanism consists of a cam shaft that runs the entire length of the toolrests base. Deflection is inavoidable using this unsupported systems. The cams shaft is so long, it bends when clamping presssure is applied when positioned in the middle.

Oneway solves this problem by replacing the regular long cam shaft with a sliding cam assembly. The Toolrest is clamped at the toolrest base with a captured non-marking block. As a result a very tight fitting hole can be bored. This improves the toolrest clamp position. The clamp screw handle may be adjusted at 45° rotations to assure minimum interference with the handle when turning.

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