7 NOS Eclipse Magnetics 1/2″ dia X 3/8″ 1.5lb Pull Alnico Button Magnet E821

7 NOS Eclipse Magnetics 1/2″diaX3/8″ 1.5lb Pull Force Alnico Button Magnet​.
Made from Alnico II material, can be used up to 550 degrees Celsius

  • 0.50″ Diameter x 0.38″ Height, 1.5 pounds pull capacity
  • Poles each occupy a side of the end of the magnet face and are separated by a groove
  • Made from a single piece of material so don’t suffer from differential expansion or contraction and are therefore more suited to some higher temperature applications than pot magnets
  • Not as powerful as the equivalent pot magnet but have a greater depth of field (the distance that the magnet can attract over)


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