Why can I only choose the Local Pickup shipping method?

There are two possible reasons that you cannot choose other shipping methods:

1) We currently aren’t set up to ship to Alaska or Hawaii, so for now other shipping methods cannot be selected in those states. If this is the case, please Contact Us and we may be able to arrange shipping on an individual basis.

2) Some products, mostly large machines like Lathes, bandsaws, etc. are too bulky to be shipped and so are only available for in store pickup. If such items are in your cart, you will only be able to choose local pickup even if other items could be shipped.

Usually we can’t ship current machines that we are distributors for, and if you are outside of Ontario or Quebec there may be a closer distributor for such machines. The minimum and suggested prices are set by the manufacturer so they should be comparable between distributors. In this case, see the product manufacturer site for closer distributors.