When will you get more Product _________________?

Unless the product is a brand we distribute, we may not be able to get in more stock of a sold out item. Since we mostly sell surplus, overstock, buy-outs and hard to find items we likely won’t be able to get more of a sold out item. We will try and remove product pages as they sell out, or at least archive them to Past Product.

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The Store/Order/Checkout doesn’t work

We are currently finishing work on the website, so orders cannot be completed at this time. You may still create an account, browse products and add to cart but it is not possible to order on our website yet. We hope to have everything finished soon. When it is ready we will announce on our Facebook Page and News Page.

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I have a product specific question.

See Contact Us for our information, email would be the best way to ask questions about products on the website. Please include the applicable product tile or URL to make it easier for us to find the product you are asking about.

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How are shipping costs calculated?

Currently, every product is assigned a flat rate to ship it anywhere in Canada or the contiguous US. So other than possible border duties, it is the same cost to ship anywhere in this range. The cost assigned to each item is decided when listed, and is based around size, weight and how fragile the product is. For example some large or odd shaped items may need custom crates made. All items will be packaged carefully in order to ensure that they arrive to you in proper condition. The cart total shipping is the sum of the individual shipping cost of each product, and HST if applicable

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Why can’t I add a product to my cart?

This may happen when either the product is out of stock or the product is an In-Store or Past Product. In store products are only available to buy at location (you can phone ahead to check availability and reserve it) and past products just show some of the interesting products we have in the past and may have similar of in the future.

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Why can I only choose the Local Pickup shipping method?

There are two possible reasons that you cannot choose other shipping methods:

1) We currently aren’t set up to ship to Alaska or Hawaii, so for now other shipping methods cannot be selected in those states. If this is the case, please Contact Us and we may be able to arrange shipping on an individual basis.

2) Some products, mostly large machines like Lathes, bandsaws, etc. are too bulky to be shipped and so are only available for in store pickup. If such items are in your cart, you will only be able to choose local pickup even if other items could be shipped.

Usually we can’t ship current machines that we are distributors for, and if you are outside of Ontario or Quebec there may be a closer distributor for such machines. The minimum and suggested prices are set by the manufacturer so they should be comparable between distributors. In this case, see the product manufacturer site for closer distributors.

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How do I collect my local pickup order?

After you receive a notification that your order is ready, please visit our store during our business hours to collect your order. See Contact Us for time and location. We may also have holiday hours, these will be posted about on our Facebook Page and/or News Page. Please note some machines from brands that we carry may take longer to order in if we don’t have current stock.

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Are there taxes/duties on my order?

Canadian buyers will have to pay their provincial HST on their orders as well as the shipping cost. International buyers may have customs or duty charges in addition to the shipping price.

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What currency are prices in?

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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